The First New Year Concert Was Held in Binjiang
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In the afternoon of 21 Feb., the jubilant and enthusiastic Spring Festival Overture opened the curtain of the first New Year concert in the theatre after cultural center of the district was completed. It led more than 700 audiences from middle and primary schools, high-tech enterprises and amateur art groups in the district to a beautiful music journey.

This concert was co-sponsored by Zhejiang Province Musicians Association and Binjiang Department of Social Development; Youth Symphony Orchestra of Zhejiang Symphony Orchestra gave an instrumental performance. This concert was themed by “growing-up strength”, trying to display the achievements gained by our district in humanity history, beauty of nature, urban construction and social development through three plates which are “beauty of entrepreneurship”, “beauty of development” and “beauty of dynamic”.

Cultural center of the district is a new cultural mark. Holding the first concert is not only a big event for public cultural undertakings of our district but also a grand occasion for literature and art lovers. It has positive significance for promoting the construction of public culture service system in the district.

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